Paonia, Colorado is located at the base of Lamborn Mountain in the West Elks on the western slope of the Rockies. The town itself has a population of 1500, but the surrounding mesas hold another 5000. It is surrounded by orchards, farms, and vineyards.

Welcome to the North Fork of the Gunnison

Paonia, Colorado

The North Fork Valley is becoming known as the Culinary Capital of the Rockies. The abundance of Farms and Wineries in the Valley are fueling the organic Farm to Table movement that’s sweeping the region. Fine cuisine and spectacular scenery combine to offer a unique experience and relaxing escape.

12 Wineries participate in the West Elks Wine Trail
Farms & Orchards
Almost too many to name...a lot!
Our valley is home to artists of all kinds!

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Places to Eat

Paonia has seen a growth in places the utilize the abundant produce produced in this valley. From the Cirque, to Delicious Orchards, to new food carts, we invite you to check out a complete list at the Paonia Chamber of Commerce.

Places to Stay

In addition to a few hotels, the North Fork Valley boasts a large number of cozy Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Cottages, Rentals, and other alternative lodging options. For a comprehensive list of places to stay, visit the Paonia Chamber of Commerce. Please call us if you would like our personal suggestions.


The West Elks AVA boasts the highest wineries in the Northern Hemisphere and high-quality Colorado wines grown in conditions similar to those of old Europe. For a full list of wineries, events, and tasting hours, visit the West Elks AVA.

Outdoor Adventures

The North Fork Valley offers hundreds of hiking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, and viewing options. A comprehensive list may be found through the Paonia Chamber of Commerce. The USDA also keeps a list of forest service offerings in the area, which may be found here.

Art & Culture

People from all over flock to the Mountain Harvest Festival, the Paonia Film Festival, the Visionary Summit, the Paradise Theater, Elsewhere Studios Artist-in-Residency Programs and much more! If you’re here in between festivals, check out our downtown art scene.

Hot Springs

Our valley is close to a number of beautiful hot springs. Ridgeway and Ourayare well-known for their gorgeous multi-pool getaways and Avalanche Ranch is only an hour away! If you’d like to try out an all-natural space, check out Penny Springs.

Come join us in our beautiful Colorado Valley!

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